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Laurel Highlands High School Kayak Pool Session

Unplug from tech and plug yourself into real current.

Kayaking Roll Session at Uniontown High SchoolI

Learn how to kayak with Wilderness Voyageurs, WELS and American Canoe Association Pennsylvania.

We have fantastic world class whitewater on the Yoghiogheny river in Ohiopyle State Park. It’s a fantastic river and has great class III-IV whitewater for rafting and kayaking. We want you to be a part of it and kayaking is a great start.


There will be a 5 week kayak instruction session to teach you how to kayak.

You will have access to 4 different kayak instructors with decades of whitewater experience.

Ben Scoville River Manager of Wilderness Voyageurs is bringing 10-12 kayaks, paddles and spray skirts so you can have access to the equipment to paddle and learn the strokes. This is a great opportunity and the boats will be varying sizes to fit many body types.

Jim Engel is a local Pastor at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Uniontown and runs the WELS program that gets our local Fayette County young people in nature rafting, biking and hiking during a spring program.

Steve Barber is a local paddler in Hopwood who has been involved in the whitewater tourism industry in Fayetteville West Virginia and Ohiopyle for 23 years. He’s a Level 4 ACA certified Swiftwater Rescue Instructor and the ACA State Director for Pennsylvania.

Zach Sipe is a local paddler and Raft Guide at Wilderness Voyageurs along with being maybe better known as an amazing science teacher at Laurel Highlands High School.

We all are volunteering our time to get you you excited about kayaking. Along the way we want to give you experience about Swiftwater Rescue Techniques to educate you how to carry yourself on and around whitewater rivers. We also want to let you know the opportunities of employment on the Youghiogheny river and in Ohiopyle State Park. There is a million dollar tourism industry 17 miles away and it’s a great summer job.

The kayak classes will be in the Laurel Highlands Pool from March 13th to April 10th on Monday evenings from 7:00pm-11pm.

A $5 donation to attend the session helps us pay for the lifeguard and gas money to get the boats back and forth from Ohiopyle. Parents are encourage to sign the waiver for their children of course, but hang out in the bleachers and watch what is going on. We’d love to have you and answer any questions you may have.

Previously this spring we had a great Kayak Session at Uniontown High School. Check out more on the Uniontown High School Kayak Session.

For more information contact Steve Barber, Jim Engel or Ben Scoville.

Waivers are required to participate.

We have waivers at the pool and you can also fill out the waivers online and just show them to us on your phone at the pool or we can check our email.


Adult Waiver

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3 days ago

ACA - Pennsylvania

NEW(T) FILM ANNOUNCMENT!!! – Link in bio.

Travel through the forest and beneath the water’s surface in @freshwatersIllustrated 's new film MARCH OF THE NEWTS! This short film offers a unique look into the wild lives of newts and brings attention to an emerging pathogen that threatens their existence. This film is a call to action so if you love newts and salamanders as much as we do please share and help spread the word!

To learn more about what you can do to help protect salamanders and newts please visit

Produced in collaboration with the Bsal Task Force.

A special thanks goes out to @jennahstillman for her incredible hiking skills!


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1 week ago

ACA - Pennsylvania

Go Paddle
Does your child's PFD fit properly? And if not, do you know what to look for in a proper fit?

In this episode of Paddling with Kids, Ken Whiting explains the key features to look for when purchasing a lifejacket for your child.

Produced in partnership with the ACA: Canoe - Kayak - SUP - Raft - Rescue and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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1 week ago

ACA - Pennsylvania

We're getting down to the last two whitewater releases on the awesome Upper Yough, The water levels have been incredible this season and it looks like the last two releases will be the same.

I still have a few spaces on this Friday's trip and an room on the last Monday trip of the season. Give us a call to lock in your last rafting adventure of the 2018 season. I'm offering great deals for the Monday clean out the fridge trip and last one of the season.

Give us a call to lock in the savings and have one last awesome adventure of the year. Call 800 477 3723 and mention all rafting to secure your savings and space.
Precision Rafting

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1 week ago

ACA - Pennsylvania

We Have a W I N N E R !

This morning on Newsradio 1070 WKOK Sunrise with Mark Lawrence, we announced that we were giving away two tickets to this Sunday's Dumplings at Dusk event on the Hiawatha Paddlewheel Riverboat to the first person who could correctly identify the name of the John Denver song from which these lyrics come:

"Let the mountain speak, let the rivers run
As the world awakes to the rising sun."

The correct answer is:
Healing Time on Earth

Congratulations to Barb Spaventa from Northumberland!

Not familiar with this one? Take a listen here:

The song is quite appropriate for these times. We hope that Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner will perform this one for us during our one-hour cruise and her live tribute to John Denver.

Please join us as we show our River Love (and eat lots of carbs too!).

Tickets can be purchased through our website:

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