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Please Help Puerto Rico’s Paddling Tourism

Please Help Puerto Rico’s Paddling Tourism

Paddle Paradise Clean Up with Omar

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.

We all saw the destruction on the news, but most of us feel paralyzed and not able to help. I feel like this as well and have a wonderful friend named Omar Ramos who’s a Puerto Rican native and owns a company called Paddle Paradise. Omar is an incredible person who works hard for his family, his business in Puerto Rican adventure tourism and donates his time to the American Canoe Association as Puerto Rico’s State Director. It’s my goal to ask fellow paddlers for donations to rebuild Paddle Paradise. Let’s give our assistance to Omar Ramos with his clean up efforts and get Paddle Paradise up and running so cultural exchange will continue.

Please help with your donations.

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Dragons on the water. ...

The dragon boats are the ICF Dragon Boat World Championships this September at the Lake Lanier Olympic Park in Gainesville, Georgia! This unique event features 25 teams from 25 countries competing in a sport that dates back more than 2,500 years. Learn more at

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A little whitewater, anyone? Thank you for showing your Loyalsock Love!

Follow Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association, Inc. for updates on the year’s celebration activities.

Congratulations to Loyalsock Creek for being voted 2018 Pennsylvania River of the Year! Loyalsock Creek is home to legions of paddlers, anglers, other outdoors enthusiasts, and the rare Eastern hellbender in northcentral Pennsylvania. Learn more → #PARiveroftheYear #LoyalsockCreek

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