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The Telfer Lower with Les Bechdel

Developed by bridging the world of climbing and river running, the Telfer Lower is a hybrid technique for extraction on the river.

Les Bechdel ACA Swiftwater Rescue InstructorSeems only right for ACA-PA to feature this whitewater professional nurtured by the great state of Pennsylvania, Les Bechdel. He attended Penn State and the whitewater curriculum he teaches presently finds his classroom setting on banks of rivers, whitewater rivers mostly. Giving in to the whitewater siren early on seems to have been his path in life and it’s been one of education, innovation and inspiration to others in the whitewater world. You can currently find him in Idaho working part time with his rafting company Canyons River Company. He’s got all the qualification of a great instructor, commanding handle on material, fun public speaking abilities, great people skills and published books about swiftwater rescue.

On the banks of the Tuckaseegee river I was able to learn from Les and discussion was the Telfer Lower. Being interested in haul systems, this was an anticipated lecture and the presenter was the inventor so who better to learn from about Telfer Lower.

Learning the Telfer Lower from Les Bechdel was an honor. Hearing his experiences and pearls of wisdom were excellent not to mention the details of setting up and executing the Telfer Lower. I highly recommend taking a class from Les Bechdel. You’ll learn a lot and enjoy it.


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What a role model. Way to go Eric Jackson. ...

For those of you who didn't see this on the Dickies website, here you go! Share it with anyone who you think will like it! Jackson Kayak Kokatat Dickies Ranger Boats

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Your Stewardship Director says any day on the river is a most excellent day!

Thanks for loving your river, whichever river that may be.

(on the West Branch Susquehanna River)

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Having a steady stream of folks coming to the ACA-PA booth. We've made it easy for them to get to the membership website. QR codes. Come on down and check us out. ...

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